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    Robust and efficient LIVE online tutoring
    from the comfort of your own home
  • Expert Maths Tuition
    From KS1 To A Levels
  • Time Efficient
    And cost effective learning for all of our pupils
  • including an assessment of the pupil

Expert Tuition in All Areas of Maths

KS1 to KS2
KS1 to KS2

Techniques and guidance on how to get top results.

SATs Papers
SATs Papers

Taught and practised for these important exams.

11 Plus
11 Plus

Robust learning and techniques for these important entrance school exams.

KS3 to KS4
KS3 to KS4

Pupils learning in school is embedded and mastered.


Revision of past GCSE exam papers and techniques to get top results.


Expert guidance through this complex study.

Why Choose SimplifyMATHS online tuition school…

SimplifyMaths is a state of the art online tuition school using the most up to date technology that provides the most efficient online teaching platform for pupils to learn effectively in the comfort of their own environment. This could be from home or from any location so long as they have a computer, internet service and a good set of earphones.

The online platform is the best on the market. We have tried and tested the platform and we are satisfied that it is extremely robust and efficient with exceptional facilities. Here are some of the services it provides:

  • Excellent sound
  • Lessons can be recorded and played back
  • Attention monitoring
  • Hands up facilities
  • Breakout rooms are used in group lessons so every pupil has their own personal time with the tutor
  • Optional video sharing. Pupils can choose not to be seen by the tutor but the tutor will always be available to watch
  • Most importantly, easy to use!

Save the time and trouble of getting to a tuition centre

  • Group lessons from only £7.50 per hour (maximum 3 pupils in group).
  • Individual lessons are very welcomed at £15 per lesson.
Group lessons

We start off with a 20-minute joint revision class on e.g. algebra. After this each pupil has their own independent time with the tutor through the facility of breakout rooms to work through questions on this topic. These group lessons are proven to be very effective and highly popular. Unlike most other group lessons provided by other tuition centres we ensure that our group lessons are still highly personalised so that each pupil in the group still receives invaluable personal support from the tutor. All pupils in the group are all on the same syllabus and are of the same ability.

From our experience it has also been proven that our group lessons are a very useful way of learning from each other.

These group lessons are extremely affordable and come with great benefits.

Individual lessons

These lessons are bespoke to the pupil's requirements and therefore are highly effective.

Ongoing assessment and regular feedback for both group and individual lessons are provided.

SimplifyMaths ensures that we deliver the best results for each pupil.

Book Individual or Group Lessons

Commitment to ensure pupils achieve their full potential

  • Pupils will be assessed as part of their first trial session to identify the standard of the pupil
  • The Online platform provides ‘break-out’ rooms therefore giving opportunity for each pupil to have individual support even in a group session
  • Lessons will be structured to pupil’s individual needs and identified gaps will be taught through targeted teaching
  • Ongoing assessment of the pupil is made to ensure that the pupil is grasping the lesson taught and gaining confidence
  • Feedback after lessons is available to guardians so they are fully aware of lessons taught and progress being made